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2006-2008 The Lord challenged the church in 2006 with the military absence of the Pastor.  Pastor Nicholson was assigned to Iraq in support of American troops engaged in combat.  The officers, ministers and members banned together in a marvelous way to maintain all operations and ministry of the church.  Upon the Pastor’s return, he and the Chairman of the Deacon Board led the church in a successful campaign for new chandeliers in the sanctuary and foyer.  The Adopt-a-Light Program was fully accomplished on one Sunday morning with over $3500 being raised.
In July, 2008 Rev. Nicholson informed the church that the military was sending him to Germany.  Although the church banned together previously during his absence, he did not want to subject the church to another extended absence due to the uncertainty of an active status in the military.  Effective September 1, 2008, Rev. Alfred M. Nicholson resigned his post here at Christ Cathedral.  The church began the process of searching for a new leader.

2009  Left without a Pastor, the leadership responsibilities of Christ Cathedral were undertaken by the Chairman of the Deacon Ministry, Deacon Gerald Mitchell, Chairman of the Trustee Ministry, Dr. John E. Morrison and Rev. Jerome P. Maclin.  Under this leadership, Christ Cathedral empowered a Pulpit Committee and an extensive search was conducted to call a pastor.  The search was completed and on October 25, 2009 an election was held.  On November 15, 2009, the call was extended to the Reverend George R. Williams, Jr., and he accepted.  Rev. Williams preached his first sermon as pastor on November 22, 2009.

2010  On January 17, 2010, the Rev. George R. Williams, Jr. was installed as the second pastor of Christ Cathedral.  A love affair between the pastor and congregation began.  Each One, Reach One was adopted as our church slogan-a highly successful slogan-because our membership almost doubled.

2011  A Women’s Ministry and Couples Ministry were implemented under Pastor Williams as a means of addressing issues of our younger congregants.  The wisdom of our Deaconess, Ministers and other experienced individuals were invited to address these two ministries.  Under the tutelage of Pastor Williams and the advice of our Deaconess Ministry, three (3) new deaconess were consecrated. He also expanded the Community Friends and Friendship Ministry to include a monthly food distribution where food boxes are given to any family on a first come, first served basis.

2012  The Nehemiah Project was initiated in order to make major improvements to the church (new roof, new doors, water damage, and other needed repairs).  We continue to experience growth in our membership.  Under Pastor Williams leadership, we have been blessed with 111 new members who have joined by Christian Experience or rededication and 68 souls have been saved through baptism.

To God be the Glory, Power, and Honor as we embellish our 2013 theme, “From Glory to Glory.”

1996 In January, Christ Memorial moved to 10731 W. McNichols.  On May 26 the Rev. Alfred M. Nicholson was installed as the first pastor of Christ Memorial Baptist Church.  After great study and meditation, Rev. Nicholson appointed a committee to research the name of our church.  The basis of this discussion and research was that we serve a living God, not a memory.  The committee met with the pastor and others and offered several suggestions for a name change.  On November 23, the church met and a vote was passed that the official name of the church be changed to Christ Cathedral Baptist Church.
An active church search was conducted.  After several disappointments, on October 12 Christ Memorial made an offer to purchase, from the congregation of Miller Memorial Church of God in Christ, the church building at 6115 Hartford Avenue.  On October 15 the offer to purchase was accepted.  On December 18, the purchase of the church facility at 6115 Hartford from Miller Memorial C.O.G.I.C. was finalized by Dr. John Morrison and Deacon Albert Bone.

1997   On January 5, under a police escorted motorcade, from its location at 10731 W. McNichols, Pastor Nicholson led the Christ Cathedral Baptist congregation into its permanent home at 6115 Hartford Ave.

1998-2002 God opened the windows of heaven and showered this church with abundant blessings.  For example, the church became engaged in a Community Meal Program, Substance Abuse Awareness Ministry, newly remodeled Nursery, renovated Fellowship Hall, additional staff personnel, new sound system, new Hammond Organ, and several new and vital Ministries.  God blessed the church with the equipping and implementation of a computer lab and proposed after school programs for both youth and adults.  We have expanded our presence of ministry of the National, Regional, and State levels in the Progressive Baptist Convention.
With Pastor Nicholson serving the U. S. Air Force as Chaplain, God provided the church the unique opportunity for ministry to those that served in the Armed Services (which is especially significant in light of the tragedy on September 11, 2001).  Christ Cathedral seeks to reach higher heights and explore richer depths in the Lord as we collectively strive to become a Progressive House of Worship and Service.

2003-2005  The church enhanced ministry within the community with serving hot meals,
providing food baskets and clothing to those with need.  Ministry was also expanded with greater work-responsibility within the Michigan Progressive Baptist Convention.  Our Pastor was elected to the office of Executive Secretary and continued to teach on the National level in the Congress of Christian Education.  Christ Cathedral was afforded greater visibility and opportunity to share and grow in wider circles of the family of God.
Pastor Nicholson led a special team to Houston, TX to attend the Pastors and Leadership Conference, sponsored by Bishop T.D. Jakes.  This ministry from the Potter=s House gave rise to a new vision and energy.
The Lord inspired the church to engage in a special renovation project in the church sanctuary.  The pulpit was completely re-modeled  to provide ample room for preaching and teaching.  The choir stand was enhanced for additional seating space as well as aesthetic improvements.  New carpet was laid throughout to include the administrative hallway.  The sound room was also improved and remodeled.  Christ Cathedral was blessed to have our own Deacon Gerald Mitchell to serve as General Contractor/Manager; and his company (Cambai Construction) performed a beautiful work in minimum time and minimum cost.
With the addition of several new members, God blessed the church to license two new ministers and ordain two new deacons and a minister.
Ministries are increasing and growing spiritually.  We are forever grateful to God for his tender hand of mercy and allowing the church to burn the mortgage in March 2005 after 8 years.

Christ Cathedral Baptist Church was born out of the suffering of the Concerned Members of New Light Baptist Church.

1992  The Concerned Members, under the leadership of Trustee Charlie Myrick, began meeting at 15400 W. Plymouth Road mounting a fight, through the legal system, to seek relief from an untenable situation.  Recognizing that the body was not assembling themselves for worship services, the Concerned Members through one of its own, began to hold worship services at the Phoenix Job Development Services Building at 12730 W. Seven Mile Rd.   The Concerned Members continued to meet at this location for more than a year.  It was during this period that worship supporting auxiliaries were formed (i.e. Usher Board, a Choir, Sunday School and Nurses Guild, etc.)

1993  In August the Concerned Members, growing in numbers, moved to a larger worship space.  They leased space at the T. C. Simmons Ministries located at 10501 Orangelawn at Mendota.

1994  In March the Concerned Members decided to abandon its efforts to return to New Light Baptist Church.   The membership voted to change its direction and to incorporate as Christ Memorial.  The membership elected Deacon Otis Harrell as Chairperson of the Deacon Board, the late Deacon Lennie G. Keener as Chairperson of the  Trustee Board and the late Rev. Jasper Garrison was given the responsibility of conducting the services.

1995  On April 8, Christ Memorial held its first election for calling a pastor.  This election   failed in that there was not a two-thirds majority vote for any candidate as required by the Church by-laws.  Again, on August 25 another election was held.  This election resulted in a candidate being selected.  However, the candidate decided not to accept the call of Christ Memorial Baptist Church.  At this point, it was the decision of the membership not to empower another Pulpit Committee.

Pastor George R. Williams Jr. Bio

Rev. George R. Williams, Jr., a native Detroiter, the eldest and only son of three children born to George & Gladys Williams, received his education in Detroit area Parochial Schools.  He has received Under-graduate degrees from Ferris State University and the University of Detroit Mercy.

After being called into the ministry, he continued his education by earning a Masters of Arts in Christian Education from Michigan Theological Seminary.  He has also received certification in Pastoral Christian Counseling so he can better meet the needs of God’s people.
Rev. Williams was licensed to preach the Gospel by his pastor Sterling H. Brewer in June of 1997.  He worked diligently at the King David Missionary Baptist Church in Detroit.  While there he was ordained as a deacon, served as the Bible Study and Men’s Ministry Teacher, and from 2007 to 2009 he served as the Associate Pastor of King David.  From his first sermon until now he is admired for his gift of being able to articulate the Word of God in a way that stimulates the intellectual while at the same time allows a child to comprehend the truth of the message.

In 2010 Rev. Williams traveled to Israel.  This trip broaden his understanding of biblical history through exploring the geographic layout of the Holy Land.  The experience of being able to see the architecture and learn firsthand of the Israeli customs and culture has added a new dimension to his preaching and teaching.

Rev. Williams was called to pastor Christ Cathedral Baptist Church in November, 2009.

Rev. Williams is an Account Manager for United Parcel Service (UPS) where he has been employed since May 1989 and is also a licensed realtor.  He enjoys reading, bike riding, and golf.  He is affiliated with Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc., NAACP, and the Council of Baptist Pastors in Detroit and Vicinity. He also holds the position of Overseer of Christian Education for IAC and serves as Second Vice President of the Michigan Progressive Baptist Convention.

He married his lifelong friend Marla Williams on September 16, 1995 and they have 2 beautiful daughters, Gabrielle and Genae Williams.
                                   Minister Marla Lynnette Williams


Mrs. Marla Lynnette Williams is the First Lady of Christ Cathedral Baptist Church where she whole-heartedly dedicates herself to its ministries and members.  In January 2011 Mrs. Williams began a Women’s Ministry for the sisters of Christ Cathedral, “Women of Wisdom”. The purpose of this ministry is to biblically encourage and enrich the lives of women to live Godly and be an earthly example of God’s expectations. She also serves on the Praise Team, The Cathedral Voices and Mass Choir.

Mrs. Williams is the wife of Pastor George R. Williams, Jr. and the mother of two loving daughters Gabrielle Rayvon and Genae Raychel. On December 17, 2017 Mrs. Williams was licensed as a Minister by her husband, Pastor Williams, to preach and teach the Word of God. Her personal ministry continues within the community in which she was born and raised. Daily she enhances the lives of children as a certified Special Education Teacher in the Detroit Public Schools Community District at Davison Elementary/Middle School.  During her tenure with DPSCD, she attended Wayne State University earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary and Special Education with a concentration in Mental Impairment and a Master of Education degree in Early Childhood Development. In December 2017 she was recognized by radio station Mix 92.3 FM as Teacher of the Week for Outstanding Contributions and Dedication to the Students of Detroit Public Schools. She is also a Certified Biblical Counselor and counsels, alongside her husband as they are lead by the Holy Spirit, to encourage, restore and renew the right spirit in the lives of God’s chosen people.

In addition to her professional endeavors, Lady Marla also serves as an active member in the community with her loving Sorors, the Women of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, and Alpha Rho Omega Chapter.  Educating others is her personal passion and, with God’s help, she will continue to grow in this area.  Mrs. Williams is humbled in knowing that surrendering to the “Will of God” will elevate her spiritual walk as she continues to uplift others. It’s not about her , , , it’s all about Him.